Critical Solutions Group is a provider of data center services, including commissioning, load bank services, acceptance testing, infrared inspections, data center consulting, preventative maintenance, and training.  Our comprehensive solutions are designed to keep your data center running smoothly, allowing you to manage your business effectively and increase your productivity. We have the resources to provide data center services throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.


We offer a complete range of commissioning services for data centers of all sizes.  Our services ensure your data center performs to 100% of your company's objectives.

Facilities on Demand
Facilities on Demand

We validate the electrical integrity of systems with non-destuctive/non-invasive preventative testing, using the latest equipment in infrared technology.

Our experts can put together a comprehensive predictive and preventative maintenance program to suit the needs and budget of any customer

Our team specializes in conducting thorough mechanical inspections and electrical testing to ensure that equipment functions properly at all times. 

Data Center Consulting

We can provide the required expertise and equipment to plan, setup, and perform load testing at your facility.

Corporate Headquarters  |  Post Office Square  | 100 Main Street | Amesbury, MA 01913  |  978-378-4636 |

Corporate Headquarters
Post Office Square
100 Main Street | Amesbury, MA 01913
O: 978-378-4636 | F: 978-378-4693

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