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What is QA/QC?

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • Quality Assurance is beneficial in preventing mistakes and avoiding problems; it provides confidence and assurance that quality requirements will be fulfilled. 

  • Quality Control reviews, fulfills, inspects, and controls the quality requirements for a project.


What does a QA/QC Inspector Do?

A QA/QC inspector is present during the early stages of construction to ensure materials and methods used for construction are correct.  They record the infrastructure hidden within walls, under slabs, etc with the use of photos, QA/QC software programs, and other as-built documents prior to these areas becoming inaccessible. 


How is QA/QC different from Commissioning?

QA/QC and commissioning are independent services.  QA/QC is focused on best practices for construction related items while commissioning is focuses on facility operations and performance testing.  Our team members are qualified to perform both QA/QC and commissioning services.


What are the Benefits of QA/QC?

  • Temporary augmentation of staff for the General Contractor

  • Minimize delays

  • Provide the project third party validation and oversite to ensure the program expectations are met.

  • Provide equipment installation supervision

  • Provide field inspections

  • Coordinate various scopes of work (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing)

  • Ensure the documentation is complete for inspections and testing


Our Personnel are Trained for QA/QC as well as CxA

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