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Load Bank Heating and Airflow


The user needs to appreciate how hot a load bank gets and how much hot air is produced. As a guide, temp rise (°F) = KW x 3000/CFM. Load banks are heat producing devices and must be ventilated. Observe the CFM capacity of the load bank and be certain that equivalent air intake is provided. If operated indoors, be cautious to prevent recirculation of exhaust air and observe ambient temperatures.

Do not operate vertical airflow load banks under a close ceiling. Maintain a max ambient of no more than 125°F. Load banks greater than 100kw (Powerstar 100) are ideally operated outdoors and extreme caution should be exercised in the 100-700kw range. Above 700kw, an indoor space would have to be voluminous and well ventilated. Indoors, note the presence of sprinkler heads as the load bank WILL ACTIVATE sprinklers very quickly. Outdoors, be observant of adjacent equipment, buildings, and plantings.

Operate in an area with clear sky above. Avoid putting the load bank in a virtual pit by surrounding it with tall walls or buildings. Space multiple load banks 4-6 feet apart, greater with larger units.

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