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Trident Trailer Load Banks


The ROAD WARRIOR of Load Banks.
Self-contained and ready-to-roll, the SOS Trident Trailer Load Banks pack it on-board: dual voltage resistive load bank, cables on reels, cam-lock cable connection panel, digital-network capable control and data acquisition with remote control cables. These rugged over-the-road systems go where the big boys can’t: parking garages, alleys, congested yards. Operate in all-weather conditions. Network with other Trident Trailers or with any SOS Rental Load Bank (except PowerStar) to form large systems in excess of 25MW.


• Resistive Load Bank, 1250kw or 2500kw
• Cables on reels: Up to 2000 feet of type W, 600v, 4/0 cable in 50 or 100 foot sections, and required number of generator end “pigtails”. Long length terminated both ends with cam-lock connectors. Pigtails terminated one end with female cam-lock, opposite end stripped
• Cam-Lock connection panel on trailer
• Digital load control, remote panel, with cables (nominal 100’)
• Heavy duty tandem axle trailer with ball or pintle hitch and electric brakes (requires electric brake controller in towing vehicle)

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