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Eagle Eye's LB-48-500


Eagle Eye’s LB-48-500 Constant Current DC Load Bank is designed for discharge testing, battery capacity testing, acceptance testing, battery maintenance, and other testing of DC systems. The LB-Series load banks are portable, economic load banks with reliability and ease of use in mind. The intelligent technology allows a constant current discharge without the need for any adjustments during the test.

The LB-Series is used in a variety of industries including utilities, telecommunications, UPS, motive power / forklifts, transportation, CATV, and many more.


• LED display for voltage, current, & time
• Easily program test parameters with simple keypad
• Three test conditions for discharge auto-stop: Test Time, End Voltage, Exceeded Capacity
• Unit will alarm and end discharge in the event of overheating, abnormal disconnection of battery, improper polarity detected
• Cooling fans continue to run automatically after each test to ensure maximum heat protection.
• Previously used parameters saved after powering off the machine

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