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BGIS | Critical Solutions Group offers a complete range of commissioning services for data centers of all sizes, ensuring your data center performs to 100% of your company’s objectives and design. We will verify and document that your facility meets all of the requirements and regulations of your business.

We can also test a wide range of equipment including: breakers, cables, grounding systems, emergency engine generators, transformers, switchgear and protective relays.  We’ll ensure your site operates as designed and is ready to provide the reliability your systems demand.

With our certified professionals and load banks, we can provide the required expertise and equipment to plan, setup, and perform load testing at your facility. 

With our certified professionals we validate the electrical integrity of systems with non-destructive/non-invasive preventative testing using the latest equipment in infrared technology. Infrared testing is a great predictive analysis to help improve your equipment’s reliability


Our experts can put together a comprehensive predictive and preventative maintenance program to suit the needs and budget of any customer. Having operated many mission-critical facilities, we know what is necessary to keep your facility up and running. 


Our team is fully trained in QA/QC focusing on best practices for construction related items to ensure Quality Assurance & Quality Control.

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