Our Facilities On Demand services enable you to reduce your operating costs by selecting any number of the offerings below.

  • Site-Specific Operation and Maintenance Documentation

  • Remote Management

  • On-Site Staffing

  • Infrared Scans

  • Site Assessments

  • Energy Audits

  • Facilities Infrastructure Training

Critical Solutions Group will provide you with all necessary documentation that covers all operational and compliance requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPPA. We will effectively identify and improve your operating processes, focusing on maximizing the capability and increasing the efficiency of your data center’s current infrastructure.

Our experience in best-practices management of critical IT data centers allows us to efficiently administer your data center facility operations with our 24x7x365 remote management process.

Critical Solutions Group is a leader in helping you find trained and pre-screened qualified applicants for all of your data center positions.

With our ability to provide infrared scans, Critical Solutions Group is able to monitor all vital elements of your data center, including UPS units and servers, as well as air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Our Site Assessment service delivers a baseline snapshot of the capabilities, reliabilities and vulnerabilities of your data center. It is used as the basis for establishing any recommendations to improve upon or to prolong the life of an existing facility, and it is a vital process when designing a new data center.

Critical Solutions Group is a trusted partner in accurately performing Energy Audits on data centers of all sizes and can help you to reduce both costs and energy consumption. According to a Gartner report, data center and server utilization is responsible for 1.5% of the total energy consumed. 

Critical Facilities Infrastructure Training is a necessary function for every organization running a data center. It gives you the ability and tools to keep vital services functioning without interruption, as well as allowing all new staff members and contractors to be brought up to speed quickly.

Critical Services Group offers vendor-neutral Critical Facilities Infrastructure Training for data centers of all sizes. Our industry experience allows us to customize the agenda to suit your needs in all the areas that are vital to your business, including power requirements, heating and cooling, disaster recovery, budgeting and maintaining regulatory goals among many others. Critical Facilities Infrastructure Training allows 24x7x365 environments to run smoothly and efficiently while maintaining maximum uptime. By educating internal staff and contractors on daily operations as well as emergency procedures you can consistently maintain both business and regulatory benchmarks while lowering your operating costs.

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